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Books/Table Tents/Sign-In Boards

Sign-In Books- Come 12" x 16" and feature 20 White pages for your guests to sign and leave a message. They are two types available.

Super-Imposed Book- Subject is photographed against a green screen and super-imposed into background


Photo Book- A photograph of the subject is used for the cover of the sign-in book. Comes with date of event and themed artwork. 20 White pages. Landscape and Portrait


Table Tents- Used to as table cards for each of your guests. Custom designed to the event and theme with guests name a table location


Sign-In Boards- Placed in a central location or next to the table tents, Your sign-in board is the first thing your guests see when they enter. Come with attached magic marker, your guests leave well wishes and special messages for the honoree



Rosters- Large poster print that sits on an easel with all the seating assignments for your guests. No need for table cards.